Food for Thought…
“Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.”
~Dalai Lama

Infertility and Natural Medicine

Both men and women describe infertility as heartbreaking, more stressful than losing a job or getting divorced. Across the United States, approximately 7.5 million women age 15 to 44 have an impaired ability to get pregnant or carry a pregnancy to term; about 5 million men have a fertility problem.
Most male infertility is due to low sperm counts, poor sperm quality or sperm mobility.


Pelvic Muscle Training & How to Perform Kegel Exercises

Typical causes of weak pelvic muscles include being overweight, certain surgical procedures, the aging process, excessive strain during exercise pregnancy and vaginal delivery.
Common signs of pelvic weakness
Leaking a few drops of urine when you laugh, sneeze, or cough.
Continuing to “dribble” after you’ve left the toilet (men).
Never feel like you can “hold it” and often rush to the bathroom.


Dr. Richardson Explains Myer’s Cocktail

CHAT & CHILL OPEN HOUSE AT ACPM September 16th, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Join the medical professionals at ACPM for our FREE open house as we introduce you to our amazing new medical doctors. We also have some special treats lined up, including discounts on clinic services.
Come learn about various IV therapies including Chelation and Myer’s Cocktail. You will even get a chance to experience a hydration IV while you sit back and relax. Mix and mingle and get some of your burning questions answered, preview our medi-spa services, and enjoy free samples of our fresh brewed kombucha, and enter the raffle to win a bag of Moringa – the most nutritious tree on earth!
CLICK HERE to register. Spaces are limited.

Herbal Spotlight: Bitter Melon
(momordica charantia)

A cousin of watermelon, cucumber and pumpkin, Bitter Melon is shaped like a cucumber, only larger with lighter green and more gourd-like skin. In tropical cultures, where it’s cultivated, bitter melon is used to support digestion because of its ability to break down carbohydrates. When using for medicinal purposes, the entire plant can be used, dried or fresh, from leaves and stems to the actual juice.
Holistic physicians and researchers are interested in Bitter Melon for its effect on blood glucose levels in patients with diabetes mellitus.


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