Vegan Cold Process Soap Making Class

Soap Making

Cold Process

Soap that is made without the use of external heat is known as the “cold process” method of soap-making. When oils (fats) are mixed with lye water, a chemical reaction called, saponification occurs and mixture will become soap.

Why Make Your Own Soap

Because it’s a fun and creative outlet that allows you the flexibility to create soap that is suited for any skin type.  You will be able to control what ingredients go on your skin. It is also a great way to make some extra money and soap makes great gifts for family and friends.

Once you acquire the skills necessary to make all natural handcrafted soap. You will discover its many benefits for your skin and your pocketbook.  Natural handcrafted soap is gentler on the skin, leaving the skin mantle intact. A great number of commercial soap companies use ingredients that are harmful to your skin and the environment.

Yes, commercial soaps will remove the dirt and along with it a host of other important bacteria that is important for your skin’s health.

The class will demonstrate how to make a 4 pound batch of cold pressed soap, in addition to the following:

  • Brief history of soap making
  • Essential equipment, supplies and materials
  • Safety guidelines when making soap
  • Measurements and proper mixing temperatures
  • Using natural ingredients to color
  • Adding natural exfoliants
  • Scenting your soap using natural pure essential oils
  • Molding options
  • Curing, cutting and storing your soap
  • Labeling Options

This is a demonstration class that will give you a thorough understanding on to how to make natural vegetarian/vegan soap from scratch.  You will be given soap samples plus handouts and information so that you can go home and make your own soap.

Note: Soap making involves using lye (sodium hydroxide) all participants need to be over the age of 18. Cold pressed soap takes usually 4 weeks to cure, so the sample soaps will not be able to use immediately. The only immediate use soaps are those made by using the hot press or melt & pour method of soap making. *Please wear or bring a long sleeve shirt and closed toed shoes. You can bring your own personal rubber gloves and eye goggles if you prefer

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