Comprehensive Medical Exams

This exam is for patients who have complaints, chronic disease diagnosis, disease symbols or who have not been successfully diagnosed.

What to expect from your medical exam:

  • A 60-minute physical examination and review of current and past medical history
  • Routine lab test
  • Special diagnostic testing as medically necessary
  • Supplement recommendation. as medically necessary ( not included in price)
  • Electrocardiogram ( EKG)
  • Alkaline and Acidic PH Testing
  • Iridology Exam
  • A review of dietary principle and lifestyle changes that can prevent, reverse or stabilize health challenges.
  • A referral to Specialist as needed
  • Diagnosis of a disease may not be confirmed on your first visit. Treatment plans are not typically presented at this visit.
  • Follow-up appointment scheduled will be scheduled.
  • Patients will be given two follow-up visits if special diagnostic testing was recommended. In order to ensure continuity of care we will schedule your annual visit for the following year at your first appointment.