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Below is a small sampling of the customized IV’s that we offer. Call the clinic for pricing for specialty IV’s. We specialize in detoxifying and immune boosting IV’s. A number of our IV’s does not require a office visit. Call the office for detailed information on our IV services.

IV Infusions (Medical Exam Required):

  • IV Chelation Therapy (Heavy Metal and Cardiovascular Disease) – $185.00  
  • IV Glutathione $165( 10 mL of glutathione)
  • IV High Dose Vitamin C $195 & up $275
  • IV Alpha Lipoic Acid $175  ( 5 mL ) & up

The above formula varies per patients health challenge. Some of the minerals above are requires a prescriptions therefore are for patients only.

IV Infusions (Walk-In)

  • Myers Cocktail $185.00
  • Magnesium $135.00
  • Hydration $69.00 – $89.00
  • IV Vitamin C- Small Bag $125-$145
  • Meyers Cocktail ( 250mL/500mL fluid) $145.00 – $195.00
  • Customized IV Infusion – Per Practitioners Order
  • Multiple IV discount : 4 Infusions =10% discount, 8 Infusions = 12% disc, 12 Infusions = 15% disc
These are a sampling of our popular Infusions. Schedule an appointment or call the clinic for additional questions.

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