High Dose IV Vitamin C

High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C

Research shows that intravenous vitamin C at high doses, used in conjunction with chemotherapy or radiation, kills cancer cells in the early stages of cancer. 

Most people have never heard of intravenous (IV) vitamin C, and yet it is one of the best alternative therapies to fight cancer. As most people know vitamin C is an antioxidant with an immune-boosting effect. But when we — and a host of other natural physicians —- administer it at very high doses, it plays an altogether different role, acting as a type of natural chemotherapy and killing cancer cells. When used in conjunction with regular chemotherapy, IV vitamin C works right alongside it, helping to kill cancer cells while also boosting the immune system and helping the body to rid itself of unwanted waste products. We, at our clinic, use IV vitamin C treatment for patients at all stages of cancer. Many of these patients are also under the care of an oncologist. We give IV vitamin C to cancer patients at the outset of their treatment, to those who have tried conventional treatments to no avail and to those in remission who want an immune system boost. For patients with terminal disease, it helps to improve quality of life by increasing their energy and reducing nausea.

The use of vitamins in the treatment of cancer is controversial, extending back 40 years to when Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling, Ph.D,  first proposed the use of high-dose vitamin C in the treatment of cancer. Many oncologists today remain skeptical about using any type of vitamin therapy in the treatment of cancer. Cancer specialists maintain that some types of chemotherapy and radiation kill cancer cells by generating large numbers of destructive free radicals.

High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy is a pro-oxidant, not an antioxidant because it generates hydrogen peroxide in the extracellular space. H202 is the drug that preferentially kills cancer cells while leaving normal cell unharmed. For those in the later stages of cancer, the intravenous vitamin c protocol may improve the quality of life. The very high doses of Intravenous Vitamin C (100 to 250 milliliters) appear to be toxic (lethal) to cancer cells. It is used to stabilize membranes, boost the immune system, and increase energy. It also has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-histamine properties. High doses of vitamin C given slowly intravenously have very few side effects. Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy is not a cure for cancer but a viable treatment option.

 It’s impossible to achieve the required high concentrations of vitamin C through oral supplements alone. The body regulates the amount of vitamin C that can be absorbed through the gut, and very large amounts of the vitamin will cause diarrhea. Intravenous vitamin C bypasses this problem because it goes directly into the bloodstream.

What is a G6PD blood test and why is it important to get the results before I start the high dose vitamin C infusions?

G6PD is an enzyme helps red blood cells function normally.G6PD Deficiency is a hereditary abnormality in the activity of an erythrocyte (red blood cell) enzyme. This enzyme, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G-6-PD), is essential for assuring a normal lifespan for red blood cells, and for oxidizing processes.

Patients with this deficiency cannot receive vitamin C infusions above 70 mL because it can cause hemolytic anemia

The recommended number of High Dose IV Vitamin C  is  2 per week can be adjusted based on a clients time and budget. A G6PD lab test is performed before the first dose of IV Vitamin C and must be in normal in order to receive High Doses of IV Vitamin C.

Vitamin C serum level is checked after your first and subsequent IV’s to ensure proper dosage.  If results show serum level is not in the cancer killing levels  ( pro-oxidant) the dose is increased by 50 ml until serum level shows cancer killing level (pro-oxidant level  > or = 350 mg ). Serum levels are checked until proper dosage is achieved. Cost of IV increases with each dosage.

 Duration of Treatment: It is recommended that IV Vitamin C and Oxidative Stress IV’s continue until cancer free. After which clients go into the maintenance phase.

Maintenance Phase – No Tumor Detective:  It is recommended that clients receive weekly IV Vitamin C session ( 4 per month) until cancer free for 1 year. This can be modified based on time and budget.


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