IV Vitamin C

High dose IV Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid   (100 to 250 milliliters/infusion)) is an adjunctive therapy for cancer and other health challenges such as Lyme disease, colds, flu, yeast infections, hepatitis to name a few. Oral Vitamin C administered at this dose would not be tolerated or absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract.

IV vitamin C treatment for patients at all stages of cancer. Many of these patients are also under the care of an oncologist. We give IV vitamin C to cancer patients at the outset of their treatment, to those who have tried conventional treatments to no avail and to those in remission who want an immune system boost. For patients with terminal disease, it helps to improve quality of life by increasing their energy and reducing nausea.


Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy: increases circulation, naturally clean out arteries,  removes heavy metals and detoxifies your body at the cellular level.

Binds to calcium deposits collected over years on the artery walls and carry them out of the body via the urine. Don’t wait until you have heart dis-ease to experience Chelation IV Therapy. One of the safest ways to remove heavy metals from the body. Our method is safe and gentle.

Prevent and Treat Prostate Cancer Holistically

                                                                                               Contrary to popular opinion,  if Prostate  Cancer is caught early and treated effectively, it doesn’t mean death, impotence, or incontinence.  ACPM for the past 25 years have assisted men to lower PSA naturally and safely. Prostate Cancer is the #1 occurring Cancer afflicting men.  Call us to learn how you can prevent and or treat Prostate Cancer holistically at 770-429-4471.


Holistic Cancer Prevention and Treatment Program

ACPM teaches our clients how to support the body’s own healing and defense mechanisms. So the body can:  prevent/minimize cancer, break down cancer cell, protect healthy cells and reduce inflammation. 

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Holistic Heart and Artery Disease Prevention and Treatment Program

Take Control of Your Health

Do You or Someone You Care About Have:


                   Heart and Artery Disease                               * High Blood Pressure  *  Clogged Arteries  *  High Cholesterol * Male Erectile Dysfunction *  Female Sexual Dysfunction  * Family History of High Blood Pressure  

* Family History of  Heart Disease

There is a gentler holistic option. For more information or to schedule a appointment call us at: 770-419-4471 or ACPM.NET


Natural Cancer Therapy

Holistic Primary Care

Is Your Lifestyle Disease Proof?

Take this lifestyle test to find out

A holistic approach to preventing and reversing disease using lifestyle and integrative medicine.

The Advanced Clinics for Preventive  Medicine (ACPM formally American Clinics for Preventive Medicine) ) is a holistic medical center, located in and serving the greater Atlanta area . We offer both in-person and virtual consultations.

We offer a variety of safe and effective therapies to prevent and reverse the progression of your health challenges and conditions. We offer a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve and maintain a healthy well-being.

Advanced Clinics for Preventative Medicine provides alternative medical treatment options such as nutritional infusion therapy (IV therapy), high dose Vitamin C infusions, holistic wellness exams, alternative cancer therapies, detoxification programs, naturopathic medicine, natural heart disease treatmentl and chelation IV therapy. We have a team-based approach to your health. In addition to our staff or practitioners, we work with an extensive network of providers including acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, herbalists and other healers. Staying true to our mission of self-empowerment and education, we host Qunnies’s Kitchen lifestyle & nutrition education classes for individuals desiring a healthy disease-free life without doing harm to themselves and the environment.  Each class is designed to inform, educate and empower individuals to the lifestyle of plant-based whole food eating, chemical-free living and sustainability.

We look forward to working with you!