IV DMPS  Therapy (Mercury Detox IV)




We administer DMPS IV/IM that is a potent chelator that binds to the Mercury in your body which is then excreted mainly through the urine & feces via the kidneys & liver. The dosage of DMPS is determined by the weight of the patient. The IV-DPMS is administered in a 250 ml bag of saline solution (NaCl). The frequency of IV-DMPS is about 1 every 3 weeks or so, depending on the patient’s reaction/ease/difficulty to Mercury (HG) detoxification. We also administer IV-DMPS as appropriate before, during & after the Mercury (HG) amalgam removal process.

DMPS is considered the best-known treatment for the removal of mercury poisoning or toxicity.

IV DMPS therapy has been used to treat acute and chronic heavy metal mercury poisoning. It works by forming an insoluble complex with the metal that is firmly bound to intracellular sites.

Long-term exposure to heavy metals affects normal cellular defense mechanisms and eventually causes apoptosis (cell death). Heavy metals, such as lead and arsenic, interfere with the normal functioning of the central nervous system, hematopoietic system, liver, and kidneys.

If you’ve been exposed to arsenic, lead, or mercury poison, then DMPS is a safe and effective solution.

Sources of mercury: teeth fillings, toxic fish, PVC & bleach producing plants, vaccines containing thimerosal

5 different disease categories pertaining to Mercury:

  1. Neurological: Alzheimer’s, MS, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Irritability, Nervousness, Suicides, Tremors, Lou Gehrig’s Disease
  2. Immunological: Lupus, Scleroderma, RA, Colitis, Chron’s Disease, Eczema
  3. Cardiovascular: Heart Pain, HBP, Tachycardia, Irregular Heart Beats, etc.
  4. Osteoarthritis
  5. Miscellaneous: chronic fatigue, brain fog, digestive disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Chron’s, and colitis


Symptoms/Illnesses linked to Mercury Toxicity include: allergies, poor circulation, insomnia, memory loss, anger, constipation, leg cramps, ringing/noise in ears, excessive itching, headaches, diarrhea, gun diseases, dizziness, vision problems, etc.


Hydration time: 1.5 hours

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Invest in Self: $99.00 – $175.00

*Medical exam necessary before starting IV. Schedule Appointment

4 Series – $450.00

Must purchase in quantities of 4 IV’s in order to start the mercury detoxification process.

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