Deluxe Showerwise® Shower Filtration System and Shower Replacement



Deluxe Showerwise® Shower Filtration System – $71.99

Chlorine-free showers

You’ll enjoy softer skin, healthier scalp and shinier hair after a Showerwise shower. Why? Because chlorine, commonly used to disinfect tap water, can make your skin dry, sensitive, flaky and itchy. It irritates your eyes and makes your hair dry and unmanageable. Worse yet, chlorine and chlorine by-products aggravate symptoms for many asthma, allergy, sinus and emphysema sufferers.

The Showerwise difference…

You may be shocked to know that your body can absorb more chlorine in a 1-minute shower than from drinking 8 glasses of the same water. But you can relax… chlorine is reduced by 95% with Showerwise. Also reduced is iron, lead, mercury and hydrogen sulfide. Bacterial, fungal and mildew growth are effectively inhibited.

Showerwise’s patented KDF-55 and Chlorgon filter material performs best in warm or hot water, unlike ordinary carbon filters that are effective in cold only. And Showerwise contains 50% more material for a longer, more effective lifetime than most filters, typically lasting 12-18 months!

Includes: Filter, Filter Housing
and Massage Showerhead
Filter Length 4.7″ (12 cm)
Diameter 3.4″ (9 cm)
Length with Showerhead 7.5″
(19 cm)
Net Weight: 28 oz (0.8 kgs)
5-Year Limited Warranty

Shower Filter Replacement:  $39.99

KDF-55 and Chlorgon Filter contains 50% more filtering material for a longer, more effective lifetime than most other filters, typically lasting 12-18 months.

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