DID YOU KNOW? An opaque ring near the outside border of the iris of the eyes like this photo could be a sign of disease? This is called a sodium or cholesterol ring.

Four of the main causes are:

Excessive Cholesterol
Abnormal Triglycerides ( Fat )
Salty Diet
High Blood Pressure
Toxic Elements (lead and cadmium) accumulation


Sodium Cholesterol Ring’s are oftentimes associated with hardening of the arteries. If you or someone you know observes this sodium or cholesterol ring, seek further evaluation. The above conditions can be reversed and the toxic elements can be safely detoxified from the body using Nutritional Counseling/lifetstyle training and Chelation Therapy.

ACPM and its practitioners have observed thousands of sodium rings oftentimes before standard laboratory is abnormal.

Contact ACPM.NET at 770-419-4471 for information on how to naturally detoxify your body, remove heavy metals, clean out arteries, and lower high blood pressure.

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Consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, supplement or IV therapy program. American Clinics for Preventive Medicine makes no guarantee or warranty with respect to any products or services sold. This is a preventative exam and not for patients with existing health challenges.

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