Are you stuck in a rut; confused about which path to take to your next level of life, going through life changes that seem unsurmountable to handle; to sum it up are you going through ‘a little something something’ now that you can’t get past on your own? If you have nodded your head affimatively to any of these questions, Transform Your Life Retreat is where ‘you’ are Divinely being beaconed to be! WHO is the Transform Your Life Retreat for?

It is for those women who have made prioity to all others but consistenly place themselves on the back burner of life. It is for women who may be going through a divorce or broken relationship and find themselves feeling uncertain about what the future holds for them. It is for women who find themselves going through the ’empty nest’ syndrone. A woman who is unable to find the ability to ‘forgive’ someone way too long after being ‘wounded’, and doesn’t know ‘how’ to ‘let go’ and ‘move on’ with her life. A woman who is a care-giver for a loved one and can’t find the energy or time to fully live her ‘planned life.’ A woman who is at a crossroad in her life and can’t figure out which direction to take or even ‘how’ to muster up the strength to take the first step forward. It is for those women who may be experiencing health issues that have them concerned and even a little scared about what’s coming up for them in their future. Are you the women who is burned-out from rearing children and find it difficult in joggling taking care of your family and personal time to reenergize mind body or soul? This retreat is taylor-made for the women who are looking for skilled and trained teachers, spiritual guides, and holistic life coaches to help them to ‘find’ themselves again, but doesn’t know where to look.

IS that woman YOU? iF so, YOU can finally exhale, the sunrise of a ‘breakthrough’ is shinning on you, to rebirth ‘the old you!’ Reward Yourself! Won’t YOU give yourself the permission to ‘invest’ in your well-adjusted and spiritually balanced ‘future self,’ by joining other like-minded, like-hearted women at the Transform Your Life Retreat, December 7-10, 2017. Come to commune in the beautiful Georgia Mountains, 2 hours out of Atlanta to relax, rejuvenate, renew, and regroup. Emerge, evolve, and emancipate the new you! Your ‘Higher Self’ is watitng to reconnect with you.
Total investment: $695.00 Deposit: $125.00 Expected Return: Unending Benefit: PRICELESS!
Reserve your Space with a $125.00 deposit.

This is what you can expect to happen at this ‘one of a kind’ retreat….
Come with expectations of ‘retreating,’ finally relaxing and letting go of the stresses and pressures of ‘the world,’ as you are perfessionally and skillfully ‘advance’ to new ways of thinking, being, doing and eating. Prepare yourself for the ‘birthing of a new you!
You experience: gentle yoga sessions, delicious gourmet vegan meals, powerful information on healing and wellness, workshops on forgiveness, learning how to remove blocked energy and how to do healing inner work. We will breathe in the magic of Mother Nature at a resort nestled in the picturesque mountains of North Georgia.

Thursday Pre Retreat Spa Day – Optional included in price: A day of pampering and relaxation while you experience handcrafted body scrubs, salt bath, massage therapy and infared sauna detox. We’ll wind down with Quinnie’s Kombucha Brew and organic favors. Enjoy a mood balancing kava blend when your arrive with small plate delicacies.

Friday, upon arrival you will check in, unwind, and register for the uplifting classes and schedule in your free time for relaxation the entire weekend. Get ready to amp up your knowledge of nutritional food in the Vegan 101 Class; where you will be able to taste samples of delicious juices, prepared during a live presentation. There will be sessions involving Vision Boards creation and the process of inner work discussions to help get to the root of any energy blocks might be stuck in the body. After dinner of delicious savory plant-based foods, we’ll gather by the fire pit, to enjoy organic wine and desert, as we reflect on your new life that will emerge from the retreat. The evening will end with a light discussion, and followed by a yoga and meditation session.

Saturday we start our day with a relaxing yoga session followed by a breakfast meal that includes a fruit platter, lemon water, cacao blueberry granola, and freshly made banana brazil milk. After breakfast you will have time to indulge in healing spa treatments which includes massage therapy, ear candling and reiki or just relax. Enjoy a delightful and tasty vegan lunch. After your individual sessions, we will meet as a group for a Radical Forgiveness workshop.
Be ready to release negative emotions, open to receive love, and forgive. Fun and interactive sessions of Affirmation Jewelry will be done over the course of the weekend to help transform the process of moving negative energy out of the body.

After your individual sessions, enjoy a Dinner of a full course gourmet meal with a combination of raw and cooked health restoring dishes. Following dinner, you will be delighted by a mouth-watering raw vegan desert. Sip on a glass of our private brew, or Kombucha and or coconut kefir, to help digest your food. The night will be highlighted with a group session of deep inner work, that through discussion will assist in getting to the root of your energy blocks that may be holding you back from moving forward in life. Be ready to release, love, and forgive. At bedtime, we will wind down from the day with yoga and meditation.

Sunday we will for the last time, gentlely start the day with yoga and meditation, followed by a delicious breakfast offering. Once we’ve eaten, we will meet and present our compled vision boards and beautiful Affirmation Jewelry pieces. After the presentations we will prepare brunch as a group, making several entrees including dessert. We will enjoy the fruits of labor as we share our last meal together, as we energetically ‘Advance’ to our new selves, leaving our ‘place of healing’ feeling healthier, joyous and rejuvenated.
The Transform Your Life Retreat will leave you ready to return home to share the love you experienced over the weekend. Don’t postpone the joy of transformation! Register TODAY!

Find Your Inner Beat with Brooke Brimm
Inner Beat Movement is the practice of moving in Spirit, song, and music. It is allowing energy blockages to be released by raising your own vibration and joining it with your sisters. To achieve healing, empowerment, rejuvenation, and renewal.

Radical Forgiveness with Kym Kennedy
After two divorces and a computer training business that closed after 8 years of extremely hard work,Kym decided that somehow there was something about the game of life that she didn’t understand. She decided to seek out spiritual guidance and through her own journey for answers she discovered the teachings of Radical Forgiveness. Kym coaches individuals and groups, she teaches classes and conducts experiential workshops on self-love, Radical Forgiveness and Discovering and Pursuing Your Passions. Kym studied under the direct tutelage of Paul Ferrini, Colin Tipping and Iyanla Vanzant, all are master teachers, and she is a certified Radical Forgiveness, Spiritual Life and Success Coach

Removing Blocked Energy with Desiree Smith
Open up your chakras and remove blocked energy that is preventing you from living the life you desire to live. All experiences are a part of our spiritueal bodies. We all have negative experiences from childhood that is impacting your life now creating physical and or emotional disease.

Inner Work Discussion with Dr. Brooke Brimm
Dr. Brooke Brimm, Ph.D., Holistic Living Counselor, will lead an initial discussion to begin to explore our inner workings. As women, we know every detail of our loved ones lives, but many times miss important conversations with ourselves. This discussion is a part of the program developed by Brooke, Release The UnYou, Live as the Real You.
She will also facilitate a discussion which examines and explores the roles which have been played for others. We will use polymer clay to work cathartically through challenges. This discussion will be followed by an Affirmation Art Workshop. We will work cathartically with polymer clay, while examining the roles which we have played for each other. We’ll explore the impact those roles have had on our lives, up until that day. This examination will culminate into developing a healing affirmation and a pendant which represents that healing and a new beginning.

Join us as we support each other completing the “Inner Work” to live a healthy life of balance.
This is a Women’s only exclusive retreat with 10-15 women. Treat yourself or the special person in your life to a gift of bliss, peace, and transformation.
Also, you will go home with your own green basket of healthy raw foods.

The retreat fee of $695 which includes the following:
Raw Food & Healthy Cooked Plant Food Classes,
Gourmet Meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
Fresh Juices
Healing Workshops & Energy Work
Rest & Relaxation
Live Well Training Manual
Recipe Book
Simply Green Basket
Massage Therapy
Ionic Foot Bath
Vision Boards
Infrared Sauna
Handcrafted Wine & Kombucha

Transform Your Life Retreat Agenda

Thursday Pre Retreat Spa Day – Optional included in price: A day of pampering and relaxation while you experience handcrafted body scrubs, salt bath, massage therapy and infared sauna detox. We’ll wind down with Quinnie’s Kombucha Brew and organic favors. Enjoy a mood balancing kava blend when your arrive with small plate delicacies.

Check-In & Class Registration
Meet and Greet, Vegan Nutrition 101
Juicing Demonstration and Tasting
Dinner & Evening Discussion
Bedtime Yoga & Meditation

Morning Yoga
Breakfast Demonstration & Meal: Nut Milks, Blending, Juicing & Raw Granola
Lunch Demonstration & Meal: Marinated Veggies, salad dressings, marinade, nut pate, hummus
Dinner: Full course gourmet meal with a combination of raw and cooked healthy dishes.
Reiki – optional:schedule at your convenience
Massage Therapy – optional: schedule at your convenience
Nutrition 101 Private Coaching -optional: schedule at your convenience
Vision Board Workshop -optional: work on throughout the day at your convenience
Nature Hike – optional
Radical Forgiveness Workshop – Evening workshop
Bedtime Yoga & Meditation

Morning Yoga
Vision Board Presentations
Group Meal Preparation: Prepare as a group several entrees including dessert.
Brunch: Enjoy the fruits of our labor during our last meal together until the next retreat!

*This is tentative agenda or activities. Some items may be deleted and or replaced based on demand from retreat guest and facilitators availability. * Shared accommodations with a combination of bunk style and shared rooms. * Limited private rooms availability for an additional $250.00. Disclosure: Retreat fee is non-refundable however 70% is transferable to another class or retreat within 120 days from the start of this event.

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