Uterine Fibroids

What are Uterine Fibroids?

Uterine fibroids are noncancerous growths of the uterus that often appear in women between the ages of 20-40’s. Uterine fibroids develop from the smooth muscular tissue of the uterus (myometrium). A single cell divides repeatedly, eventually creating a firm, rubbery mass distinct from nearby tissue. The growth patterns of uterine fibroids vary — they may grow slowly or rapidly, or they may remain the same size. Some fibroids go through growth spurts, and some may shrink on their own. Fibroids range in size from seedlings, undetectable by the human eye, to bulky masses that can distort and enlarge the uterus. They can be single or multiple, in extreme cases expanding the uterus so much that it reaches the rib cage. As many as 3 out of 4 women have uterine fibroids sometime during their lives, but most are unaware of them because they often cause no symptoms.

What are the symptoms of Fibroids?

  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Prolonged menstrual periods — seven days or more of menstrual bleeding
  • Pelvic pressure or pain
  • Frequent urination
  • Difficulty emptying your bladder
  • Constipation
  • Backache or leg pains

What complications can occur with fibroids?

  • Fibroids that are attached to the uterus by a stem may twist and can cause pain, nausea, or fever.
  • Fibroids that grow rapidly, or those that start breaking down, also may cause pain. Rarely, they can be associated with cancer.
  • A very large fibroid may cause swelling of the abdomen. This swelling can make it hard to do a thorough pelvic exam.
  • Fibroids also may cause infertility, although other causes are more common. Other factors should be explored before fibroids are considered the cause of a couple’s infertility. When fibroids are thought to be a cause, many women are able to become pregnant after they are treated.

How ACPM can help with Uterine Fibroids

Here at American Clinics for Preventive Medicine we recognize that disease is created through multiple lifestyle and environmental factors that over time create an imbalance within the body that inhibits its ability to self-repair. When the body’s self repair mechanism slows down or stops working, that is the beginning of disease formation within the body. We are a clinic that strongly supports lifestyle changes as an integral part of our treatment plan with an emphasis on plant-based nutrition to actively support other forms of therapies we provide.

Comprehensive Program Includes:

CUSTOMIZED TREATMENT PLAN: An individualized treatment is developed to address your specific wellness needs to eliminate your uterine fibroids.

CHELATION THERAPY: The components of the the protocol can include: EDTA, magnesium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, lidocaine, vitamin C, B-complex, B-6, B-12, infused over 3-4 hours. Patients undergoing EDTA chelation will be given a Mega Mineral infusion after every fifth chelation to ensure replacement of beneficial minerals that could have been removed from the chelating process.

CLEANSING & DETOXIFICATION: This involves supporting the body’s ability to remove toxic waste from the body in conjunction with a modified diet and/or fasting to reduce exposure of nutritional insults. A detoxifying internal cleanse eliminates an environment for fibroids to thrive.

NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATIONS: Proving the body with optimal plant-based nutrition is the single most important factor in promoting a healthy body. Eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals will supply the body with the necessary resources to support the built-in self-repair mechanism that will aid in eliminating uterine fibroids.. We will work closely with you to customize a nutritional plan specific to your personal needs and support you in the process of healthy modifications.

LIFESTYLE & WELLNESS COACHING: We provide you with the additional encouragement, empowerment, and support needed to implement necessary lifestyle modifications to eliminate your uterine fibroids. Life enhancing strategies to nourish your mind, body, and spirit towards healing will also be provided..

EXERCISE: Active movement of the body keeps it conditioned to move fluidly through life. Engaging in aerobic activity to stimulate the heart improves not only your muscular and cardiovascular system, it also burns calories, and enhances your mood. Exercise is another key component in supporting  the elimination of your uterine fibroids.

STRESS REDUCTION MANAGEMENT: When the body is highly stressed it releases hormones like adrenaline and norepinephrine that puts the body in a mode of survival instead of self-repair and elimination of your uterine fibroids. We will provide you with self-relaxation techniques that will help you manage your response to life stressors and therefore aid in the healing process of your uterine fibroids..

NUTRITIONAL & HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS: We utilize evidence-based medicinal quality supplements to support the treatment of reversing your uterine fibroids and associated menstrual conditions. Our supplements are prescribed according to your deficiencies as well as to provide additional cellular level support to bring your body back to wellness.

EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES: Knowledge is power and providing you with supplemental reading materials, audio, and video health education will enrich your understanding how your health and the best practices to prevent disease..

ACPM Uterine Fibroid Therapeutics

A Program designed to Eliminate/Minimize Uterine Fibroids, as well as their Bothersome and/or Life-Threatening Symptoms.

  • Elimination of Known Suspected Risk Factors
  • Extensive Cleansing and Detoxification
  • Natural Hormone Balancing
  • Herbs, Nutritional Supplements, Super Foods, Smoothies, Juices, Teas
  • Major Dietary and Lifestyle Enhancement
  • Healing Exercise, Poultices, Techniques
  • Extensive Education and Study

According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 75% of ysterectomies performed may be unnecessary!!!

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