You’re Sweet Enough Without the Added Sugar

Sugar is a carbohydrate, one of the major nutrient groups, but it doesn’t provide vitamins, minerals, or even fiber to our diet. Still, it’s added to an array of foods, including ketchup, fruited yogurt, cereal, canned soup, certain brands of lunch meat, salad dressing, condiments, bread, and so much more. While we require some sugar (glucose) in order to function property, all of this added sugar is harmful to our system. READ MORE

Dates: An Ancient Treat for Modern Times

The health benefits of dates are plentiful. A rich source of carbohydrates, mostly from natural sugars (66 g per 100g / 3.5 oz. serving), they contain vitamins A and K, as well as many of the B vitamins. The minerals copper, selenium, magnesium and manganese contribute to their preventive health benefits. Just one serving provides seven grams of dietary fiber, which supports healthy gut function. READ MORE

Vegan Diet & Heart Disease Reversal

Soap Making & Things – Turning Handmade Soap Into Other Treasures September 10th, 12-3:30pm

You don’t want to miss this amazing class hosted by Quinnie of Quinnie’s Kitchen. Not only will you learn how to craft your own soap, but she will teach you how to turn that soap into other treasures including handsoap and laundry detergent. CLICK HERE to register. Spaces are limited.

Herbal Spotlight: Cinnamon

Because cinnamon reduces the rate at which glucose enters the bloodstream, it can help prevent blood sugar spikes. This is hopeful news for some people with Type 2 diabetes.It appears that cinnamon may work better in people whose diabetes is poorly managed as compared to those who have good management of their condition.

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