WARNING!!! The Words You Speak Are Creating Your Life…

“Every Thought is a Prayer!” Every Prayer infused with belief is an ANSWERED PRAYER! So today I shall speak only good healthy, happy words. Today I “speak” as if my life depended on it!…
Before speaking, always ask yourself: “Is it true? Is it kind? Is it helpful?”
A “Positive Affirmation” is a pro-active statement of Truth, regardless of outward circumstances or appearances that may be to the contrary. To “Affirm” means to “make firm” in your mind. It is a disciplined mind activity used for building your consciousness that is rooted in your beliefs, attitudes, motivations, and faith!!! It can lift you out of false thinking and negativity. Affirmations (either positive or negative) are words charged with power, conviction, and faith, which will produce after their own kind. Every time you Speak, the atoms in your body are affected, and theirVibrational Rate is either raised ( or lowered ;. Therefore, we must be very selective in the choice of words we use because they will become our experience.
Positive Affirmations indeed do impress the Subconscious Mind for Health, Healing, and Happiness, because what is impressed is expressed. Therefore, it is highly advisable to do positive affirmations in Repetition, with Feeling, and by using your Imagination… “believing” every word you say in your heart and “seeing” it take shape and form in your mind.


* Speak only when you have something constructive to say (there is never a good enough reason to be negative!).
* Avoid Criticism, Condemnation, Contempt, and Gossip like the plague (Remember: what goes around comes around!).
* “Writing out” your Affirmations over and over is a powerful Tool.
* “Speaking out” your Affirmations over and over is a powerful Tool.
* “Thinking and Visualizing” your Affirmations over and over is a powerful Tool.
* Scotch Tape Affirmations to various spots in your Home, Car, and Office.
* Begin and End each day with Positive Affirmations. This will help you gain better control of your life.
* Be careful about dissipating your efforts by “talking” to others about your Affirmations.
“Just Do It!”

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